Cadastre Department


1) The Municipal Cadastre Department operates within the municipal organization and autonomy, in accordance with the postulates referred to in article 12 numerals 6 and 7 of the Municipalities Act. It is in the obligation to organise, raise and maintain the cadastre of its municipal term and to elaborate the city's regulatory plan, defined as the competition in article 18 of the Municipalities Act. Likewise establish, determine and update the real estate cadastral values for the purposes determined in articles 85 y86 of the law of municipalities. As such the real estate cadastre is an administrative, unique and public technical record; Conformed by geographic information on the public or private real estate and contains the information on the measures and the geo-referencing of the properties, their geometric form, surface, boundaries, close and municipal territorial limits; Its location, current use and potential of the soil and other economic and legal attributes that perfect the inventory of the real estate within the territorial jurisdiction of the municipality.


2) The municipal cadastre is part of the principle enshrined in the law of property, which sends that all real property within the municipal territory must be surveyed. The owners of such properties have the obligation to provide the necessary information and provide the free assistance and cooperation required for the fulfillment of this purpose.


3) The Municipal Cadastre Department also operates as an associated center of the Institute of Property and as such its enforceable are adapted to the provisions of the law of property to the law of Administrative Procedure, the General Law of public Administration and (a) municipal regulations and manuals regulating the operation maintenance and enforceable of the cadastral registration information system. All in order to provide legal certainty and achieve in their enforceable the concordance that must exist between the content of the information cadastral registration and legal reality registry.


4) The functions of the Municipal Cadastre department comprise the whole of the activities and legal analysis or administrative techniques, aimed at obtaining at the request of part or of trade, the precise information of its owners and the graphic information and Descriptive of the real estate property within the municipal territorial jurisdiction and will include the following activities: Reception, analysis of the information, diagnosis or determination of the cadastral case, analysis and legal investigation Documentary and of the Registry, analysis and technical investigation cadastral with support of field inspections and reports, opinions and supporting documents, digitalization of the information, administrative resolution that authorizes, suspends or denies the Request.


5) The Municipal Cadastre department shall make use of any alternative dispute settlement procedure between parties including joint inspections, dialogues and conciliation procedures and implement the procedure of the contradictory mediating notifications or subpoenas to parties involved in the case. The Municipal Cadastre Department will be responsible for issuing the necessary opinions ordered by the regulation for the titling of land ejidal in full domain, submitting to the procedures indicated there.

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