Municipal Police

The members of the Municipal police are called to execute functions established and protected in the law of police and Social coexistence.

Among the functions of the municipal police are the following:

  •  Comply and enforce the municipal ordinances and the means Plan in the following areas: ornament, cleanliness and municipal hygiene.

  • Supervision, control and regulation of spectacles, establishments of recreation, to guarantee the free transit in the urban public roads, sidewalks, parks, beaches, road signage, cemeteries, traces, processors of municipal meats, crematoria, Urban transport terminals and markets.

  • Supervision, control and regulation of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, alcoholic beverages, prostitution houses and the like.

  • The authorization and control of street vendors.

  • Business opening permits.

  • Verification of special safety measures in industrial, commercial and service facilities that generate ecological impact in the municipal term and on which ordinances have been issued.

  • The Iron Register.

  • Restrictions on the use of public roads.

  • Permission and supervision of cemeteries, traces and meat processors of a private nature.

  • Authorization and control of the trade of fireworks.


These some of the functions carried out by the Municipal police, on many occasions accompanied by members of the national Police.

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