Environmental Unit

The municipal environmental unit is an administrative technical unit operating in the municipality of Roatan. Its functions will include the control, surveillance, protection, conservation, restoration and sustainable management of the environment and natural resources. In the same way it will regulate with technical administrative actions, permits, authorisations, licenses, prohibitions, penalties, fines, complaints, follow-up, management plans, compensatory measures, measures of mitigation and environmental prevention, in Terrestrial, forestry, continental and maritime waters, watersheds, protected aerials, flora and fauna, zoo hatcheries, scientific collections, agricultural exploitations, forests, soils and their resources, protection of the atmosphere, Organic, toxic and hazardous substances and residues, visual sonic and electromagnetic pollution and any other environmental element subject to the special protection of special laws and regulations; The rational use and sustainable management of natural resources and environment susceptible by the action of public or private projects or activities that may cause their deterioration.


The Municipal Environmental Unit (UMA) will prepare a special regulation of functions, activities, procedures, requirements and fees, penalties and fines, which must submit to the approval of the Honorable Municipal Corporation, after revision with the Department of Urban planning, the cadastre department and the Legal Department of the municipality, which once known and approved by the Honorable Municipal Corporation, must be published and will be an integral part of this means Plan. Any process of application for a construction work permit and any application for an operation permit must precede the requirements of the copy of the payment by the field inspection of the UMA, report and technical opinion, which must be submitted to the Office , to which the permit application is being filed (as long as it requires that department).