Justice Department

As a citizen of our municipality, it is very important that you know the functions performed by the Municipal Department of Justice, and that way you can do the correct use of our office.

According to article 19 and 20 of the law of Police and social coexistence, the following are attributions of the municipal department of Justice:


  1. To know about the infractions to the law of municipalities, ordinances, arbitration plan, regulations, resolutions and agreements of the municipal corporation. Allegations of all types of violations of the legal systems mentioned above are taken.

  2. Serve as a conciliatory or mediating body in the conflicts of the inhabitants of the community, in those matters that refer to the special police function. The most common cases of mediation that are aired are: Tenancy, problems with land and rights of way, noise disturbance, rubbish among neighbors, construction without permission, cutting of trees, burning of garbage, etc.

  3. To approve the covenants or conciliatory agreements and extend the respective certifications.

  4. Impose the sanctions provided by law. Sanctions issued mainly by the department of urbanism, environmental unit, health and tax control.

  5. Cite, summon or require any citizen in the matters to which the police law refers.

  6. Preside over the hearings and maintain discipline in the office

  7. Summarily resolve complaints against municipal police officers for abuse of authority or negligence.


For any questions, we invite you to visit our office, or contact us:

Phone: (504) 2451299, extension 122

E-mail: justiciamunicipal@muniroatan.gob.hn.